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Dexter Shaw is the pen name of Dr William Small who holds a PhD in Religious Studies and has over 30 years experience providing training and counseling designed to help people improve their personal and professional relationships.

Dr Will says: “I believe that there is no reason why we can’t make bad relationships good and good relationships great! The only thing holding us back is knowledge on how to do it."

Dr Will has authored many books on relationships including: Strengthening the Family, Relationships 911, How to Avoid Bad Relationships, Healing the Wounded Woman, Money DOES Grow on Trees, and Surprising Secrets of the Fortune 500. “Confessions of a Side Piece Baby” is his first venture into fictional story telling.

His highly knowledgeable, quick witted and comedic style makes his radio and TV interviews informative as well as entertaining.

Dr Will is also an award winning advocate for victims of domestic violence teaching seminars promoting the prevention and awareness of domestic violence in the workplace.

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